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Exclusive details emerge following murder of hotel Royal Cosy Hills owner

February 12, 2024
Exclusive details emerge following murder of hotel owner of Royal Cosy Hills in Upper West Region
Mr Eric Johnson

Exclusive details have emerged shedding light on the circumstances surrounding the tragic murder of Mr Eric Johnson, owner of the Royal Cosy Hills Hotel in the Region.

Contrary to earlier reports suggesting that Mr Johnson was found murdered within the hotel premises, it has been confirmed that he was actually discovered dead in his private residence, which adjoins the hotel.

Sources close to the family and workers at the facility revealed that the assailant(s) gained access to Mr Johnson's residence before 1:30 am, using a ladder to climb over the wall and a master card to enter his room.

Mr. Johnson, who had just finished taking a bath, was found in his towel on the floor with severe wounds believed to have been inflicted by the attacker(s). The perpetrator(s) then stole his car key and drove his personal vehicle out of the compound.

Interestingly, security personnel at the residence reportedly opened the gate for the assailant(s) under the assumption that it was Mr Johnson driving out of the facility.

Although the stolen vehicle was later found abandoned in town, one person has been detained by the police to aid in the investigation. Additionally, Mr. Johnson's body has been deposited at the Upper West Regional Hospital morgue.

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