Every man deserves a fair hearing – Kofi Bentil advocates for Dr Bawumia

Kofi Bentil
Kofi Bentil

In a recent statement, Lecturer and Vice President (Imani), Kofi Bentil, stressed the importance of affording every political figure a fair hearing, specifically mentioning Vice President Dr. Bawumia, who is a potential candidate for the presidency in Ghana.

Bentil began by asserting the principle of fairness, highlighting that just as former President Mahama was given an opportunity to lead the country, it is imperative to extend the same courtesy to Dr Bawumia. He urged for a fair and objective assessment of the Vice President's capabilities, emphasizing that Bawumia has not held the presidency and should be evaluated on his own merits.

The lecturer shed light on the limitations of the Vice President's role in Ghana, stating that besides standing in for the president in their absence, the position is relatively powerless, akin to that of an advisor. He pointed out historical context by mentioning Kwame Nkrumah's refusal to have a Vice President, implying the inherent challenges associated with the role.

Bentil highlighted the constitutional power dynamics, noting that the Minister of Finance holds more authority in managing finances than the Vice President. He also underscored that the Economic Management Team (EMT) has minimal power to execute decisions, acting mainly as advisors to the President, who ultimately acts through ministers.

Expressing trust in Vice President Bawumia, Bentil labeled him as the best Vice President ever, commending his integrity and effectiveness in implementing significant transformations, even under challenging circumstances. The lecturer defended his right to choose and believe in Bawumia as a preferable candidate.

Concluding his statement, Kofi Bentil appealed to the public to give Vice President Bawumia a fair hearing, encouraging open-mindedness and consideration for different perspectives. He acknowledged individuals' right to their own choices but urged against closing one's ears to alternative viewpoints.

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