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Environmental Health Department and NADMO clear expired goods from Ada markets

The -East District Environmental Health Department, in collaboration with the National Disaster Management Organisation (), has removed expired goods from various shops and markets in the Ada-East District.

The operation was carried out to ensure food safety and to protect the community from consuming expired foods. The items seized included soft drinks, tomato pastes, alcoholic drinks, milk powder, cocoa powder, and pharmaceutical products.

At an Ordinary Session of the Ada-East Assembly, Mr Frank Abima, the Head of the Environmental Health Department, disclosed that the operation was initiated after the Assembly received complaints about the high number of expired products being sold during the period last year.

The department, therefore, conducted the operation and visited markets in Kasseh, Ada Foah, and Big Ada where expired products were confiscated.

While the does not have an office in the district, Mr Abima indicated that the authority collaborated with the Assembly to promote food safety.

He cautioned traders to be mindful when purchasing goods from outside the district and encouraged consumers to check the expiry dates of products before purchasing.

The operation to clear expired goods from markets in the Ada-East district is a proactive measure aimed at ensuring food safety and protecting the health of the people.

It is expected to promote compliance with food safety standards and deter the sale of expired products in the district.

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