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Emerge New Woman launches “Renewed Woman” program

December 29, 2023
Emerge New Woman launches "Renewed Woman" program
Renewed Woman Program

In a bid to foster and empower women across the country, the non-governmental organization () Emerge New Woman has launched the “Renewed Woman” program.

The initiative aims to provide crucial mental wellness support for women through psychoeducation, therapeutic interventions, and advisory services.

Themed “Release,” the program encourages women to let go of the old, creating space for transformation and embracing the beauty of change.

Ms Lady Mae, the Founder of Emerge New Woman, emphasized the importance of the theme in facilitating personal growth and emotional freedom.

The objectives of the “Renewed Woman” program are to inspire and empower women, promoting resilience and fostering personal and emotional growth.

Ms Mae encouraged participants to celebrate their ability to release what no longer serves their growth, cherishing moments of joy and wisdom while gracefully bidding farewell to lessons of the past.

Reflecting on the challenges faced, Ms Mae commended the organization's resilience in adapting to changes, navigating uncertain waters with strength, and fostering unity within the emerging community of empowered women.

“At Emerge New Woman, every passing year seems to gift us with new milestones, challenges conquered, and growth both individually and as a collective force of empowered women,” she stated.

Ms Mae urged participants to step into the new chapter with courage, enthusiasm, and an unwavering belief in their potential to effect positive change.

She emphasized that the presence of each participant is a testament to the strength and resilience defining the organization's community.

In addition to mental health initiatives, Emerge New Woman has taken concrete steps to support women's financial independence and empowerment.

The organization initiated programs providing women with GH¢ 2,500 in seed funding and training to start their businesses.

These efforts contribute to creating opportunities for financial autonomy and fostering empowerment among women.

As the “Renewed Woman” program unfolds, it is poised to make a significant impact in promoting mental well-being and empowering women to embrace positive transformation in the coming year.

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