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Elect me for unity and collective strength – Alan Kyerematen

June 25, 2024
Alan Kyerematen urges electorates to vote for him as first Independent President

Mr Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen, Founder and Leader of the (M4C) has asked the electorate to vote for him as first Independent President to lead a government of national unity that will mobilise the collective strength and talents of all Ghanaians. 

He said though the economic situation was worrying, the good news was that Ghana still remained a favoured nation.  

 Mr Kyerematen said what was needed was a transformational leadership, a paradigm shift in the governance system as well as a mindset change.  

“We have an opportunity in the General Election in December this year to cross that bridge, and move Ghana into a new era of peace and prosperity by electing me as the first Independent Candidate to become the President of Ghana.” 

Mr Kyerematen said this at the official launch of the Great Transformational Plan (GTP) in , which seeks to build an enterprise economy in Ghana, focusing on private enterprise, innovation and the unleashing of the entrepreneurial spirit of Ghanaians.  

“This is what will take Ghana forward to occupy its rightful place in the comity of nations, as the Black Star of Africa, and the shining star of the Continent, and the first country south of the Sahara to become independent,” he added.  

Mr Kyerematen also stated that the unveiling of the most comprehensive policy framework, the GTP, would move Ghana from instability to stability, to growth, to resilience and finally to prosperity.   

He explained that the GTP was categorised into six interrelated clusters – Economic, Governance, Infrastructure, Social Services, Environment, Science, Technology and Natural Resource Management, and Behavioural and Mindset change.  

He said each of the cluster had a number of pillars, thematic areas and policy prescriptions or solutions.  

He said the Plan was significantly different from party manifestos presented by political parties over the years, saying the policy solutions under the GTP were concise, clear, and action oriented. 

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