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Efya Nokturnal clarifies misconceptions surrounding Wizkid’s London show raised by Bullgod

Ghanaian multi-talented singer, Jane Fara Fauzzier Afia Boafowaa Yahaya Awindor, popularly known as Efya Nokturnal, has addressed controversies around Nigerian superstar, Wizkid, during his performance at the Hotspur Stadium in .

In a post by artiste manager Mr. Lawrence Nana Asiamah Hanson, popularly known as “Bullgod,” he lamented why R2bees and Efya, who is close to Wizkid, were unable to join him to perform on these enormous stages and expressed disappointment in the artists because they failed to capitalize on Wizkid's event.

Bulldog posted: “So R2Bees and Efya will smoke, drink and chill with Wizkid anytime he's in Ghana but can't join him on international stages and showcase their talents to the world? Again, Ghana missed out on national duties at the 62,850-capacity Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, yesterday. What is wrong with us?”

Following Bullgod's tweet, Efya took to Twitter to clarify that she has the utmost regard for Wizkid and his extraordinary talent and that their mutual admiration for one another's work has led to their friendship. However, it is crucial to realize that being an artiste extends beyond social events.

“First and foremost, it is important to clarify that I have the utmost respect for Wizkid and his incredible talent. We share a mutual admiration for each other's work, which has led to our friendship and collaboration. However, it is crucial to understand that being an artiste goes beyond just the public appearances and social events.”

Efya emphasized that there are several things to take into account that the general public might not be aware of, which makes it challenging to support Wizkid at every single performance, but it does not decrease her commitment or the fact that she has also performed on numerous international platforms.

“When it comes to performing on big stages, there are various factors involved that people may not be aware of. Scheduling conflicts, prior commitments, and logistical constraints sometimes make it challenging to accompany Wizkid on every single performance.

It doesn't diminish my dedication or the fact that I have also played on countless international stages,” she tweeted.

She mentioned that she had her own music career to pursue as an artist and that it was crucial to prioritize and strike a balance between professional development and personal goals.

“As an artist, I have a multifaceted career that encompasses my own music, projects, and obligations. While I value my friendship and artistic connection with Wizkid, I also have my own aspirations and commitments in the music industry. It is essential to strike a balance and prioritize professional growth and individual endeavours.”

Efya encouraged people to promote respect and upliftment within the Ghanaian music business rather than leaping to conclusions or spreading rumours without fully comprehending the circumstances.

“Moving forward, I encourage everyone to avoid jumping to conclusions or spreading rumours without a proper understanding of the situation. Let us foster a culture of respect and upliftment within the music industry, where artists can support each other and thrive collectively.”

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