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Effutu Police ready to ensure peace during Aboakyer festival

April 15, 2024

The Police has affirmed its preparedness to uphold peace and order during the upcoming Aboakyer festival. Warning against any disruption, the police have declared their intention to deal firmly with individuals or groups attempting to incite trouble during the festivities.

A Police source, speaking to the (GNA), emphasized that stringent measures had been implemented to safeguard the residents of Effutu Oma and all festival attendees. With the theme “Promoting Tradition and Development through Aboakyer celebration,” the festival is scheduled to kick off on Saturday, April 27, and culminate on Saturday, May 4, 2024.

During the festival, the two Asafo companies in the area will venture into their ancestral forest to capture a live bushbuck. Tradition dictates that the group with the first catch presents it to the Oma Odefe at a state durbar, where the animal is symbolically accepted by their god, Otu.

Due to the significant influx of visitors, particularly to , during the Aboakyer festival, security concerns arise. Therefore, the police have ensured tight surveillance to ensure a conducive environment for celebrants.

“We are adequately ready and will continue to provide protection for lives and property before, during, and after the festivities,” assured the Police source.

The public has been urged to collaborate by reporting any suspicious activity, while Effutu citizens are encouraged to remain vigilant. The police also highlighted the importance of sustained efforts from festival stakeholders to preserve Aboakyer as one of the country's globally recognized festivals.

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