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ECG has not undertaken a load-shedding exercise this year – Matthew Opoku Prempeh

June 24, 2024
ECG has not undertaken a load-shedding exercise this year - Matthew Opoku Prempeh

The Minister of Energy, Dr. , responding to an urgent question in on Wednesday, June 19, 2024, stated that the (ECG) has not undertaken a load-shedding exercise this year.

Addressing the question, Mr. Prempeh, known as NAPO, mentioned that he had been scheduled to answer the question, which was filed over two months ago. However, he was unable to provide an answer earlier because the questioner was either unavailable or Parliament did not allow him to respond despite making himself available on three occasions.

He explained that the power outages experienced two months ago were not due to a power crisis but rather unforeseen factors such as rapid population growth and increased business setups.

For instance, Dr. Prempeh noted that areas like East Legon, initially planned as residential districts, have transformed into business hubs, overloading existing power lines and transformers. 

He said this surge in demand, combined with an unexpected gas leak at Cenpower resulting in an instant power loss of 340 megawatts and maintenance at Amandi Power Plant, led to power outages. NAPO added that also requested emergency outages in some areas, exacerbating the situation.

He stated these incidents were unplanned, making it impossible for the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) to announce a scheduled load-shedding program.

“The question has to be seen in the context that it is a question from over two months ago as an urgent question. Mr Speaker, I will proceed to answer as the utility (ECG) advised.

“…No, ECG is not undertaking load shedding as at the time the question was asked. Mr. Speaker, consumers were experiencing outages due to a number of factors that included localized outages due to overloads on lines and transformers.”

“So, Mr Speaker, there was a myriad of factors that unfortunately were causing power outages in different parts at different times.

“Mr. Speaker, the reason why ECG went further to say they were not load shedding is because most of these incidents were not planned, so they couldn't come out to say there was load shedding.”

Dr. Prempeh made these remarks in response to an urgent question from the MP for South Dayi, Rockson-Nelson Etse Dafeamekpor, on behalf of the NDC MP for North, Alhassan S. Suhuyini, who was absent. 

Mr. Dafeamekpor asked if the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) had been load-shedding power and if not, why the power outages occurred.

Despite his response, some Minority MPs pressed for more information on the current power situation, as the original question referred to the situation two months prior. 

Dr. Prempeh maintained that the ECG is not undertaking a scheduled load-shedding program but he was ready to address any new questions when they are filed.

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