EC discovers fraudulent Ghana Card numbers in voter registration at Pusiga District Centre

The (EC) says fake numbers were used to register some individuals in the ongoing voter registration process at the Pusiga District Registration Centre on May 13, 2024.

According to the EC, approximately 17 individuals were found to have utilized counterfeit Ghana Card numbers during the registration exercise conducted at the said center. Following the discovery of the fraudulent registrations, swift action was taken by the EC.

The Registration Officer responsible for overseeing the process at the center was immediately dismissed. The officer was later arrested by law enforcement authorities, following a report filed with the Police regarding the illicit activities.

In its statement issued on Monday, May 20, the EC provided further details surrounding the fraudulent registrations. The investigation revealed that the Registration Officer had failed in his duty to properly verify the authenticity of the Ghana Card presented by each applicant.

Instead, the officer negligently accepted the counterfeit numbers provided by Party Agents who accompanied the 17 applicants during the registration process.

The EC emphasised the gravity of the situation, expressing deep concern over the breach of integrity in the voter registration process. In light of these findings, the EC assured the public of its commitment to upholding the integrity of the voter registration exercise.

“Upon investigation, it was revealed that the Ghana Card numbers were fake. It was further discovered that the Registration Officer was complicit because he did not physically inspect the Ghana Card of individual applicants but rather accepted the fake numbers from Party Agents who had accompanied the 17 applicants. “

The Registration Officer was dismissed. A report was made to the Police and he was arrested. He has since been granted a police enquiry bail while the Police continue with their investigations. The 17 applicants were subsequently registered through the Guarantor System,” the statement said.

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