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E-levy will mobilize revenue, provide job opportunities – President Akufo Addo to Ghanaians 

February 28, 2022

According to the President, the 1.75% levy would help generate revenue while reducing the unemployment rate in Ghana.

In a Twitter post accompanied by a video, today, January 27, President said, “The will provide the government with revenue to build more roads, provide more jobs and opportunities for the youth and reduce our dependence on debt.”

Again, the Minister of Finance, says the E-levy is an essential tool to increase Ghana's Tax to GDP from around 13% to 16% and above. 

In a ‘Meet the press briefing' he added, ‘The E-Levy would not only ensure that we do not crowd-out the private sector by reducing borrowing but would also ensure that we have the revenues to sustainably invest in , youth employment, cyber security, digital and road infrastructure. The E-Levy also provides a means for all Ghanaians to help support their country and grow this economy as compliant citizens.”

E-levy will mobilize revenue, provide job opportunities – President Akufo Addo to Ghanaians 

However, the Communication Minister, -Ekuful has also stated that she is optimistic that the E-Levy will help mobilize revenue just like the Communication Services Tax (CST). 

Speaking at the government's first town hall meeting in , “Our collective experience shows that despite their initial opposition to many of these interventions [including the CST], they've proven to be worth the wait.” 

Madam Ursula Owusu-Ekufu further said that the E-levy is low as compared to other countries. She stated, “E-levy is being introduced at the lowest rate for any tax in Ghana, comparatively at 1.75%. Less than 2%. In other countries, digital taxes are being introduced at the rate of up to 10% and they're paying.

She called on Ghanaians to support the proposal to ensure that projects earmarked for the revenue that would accrue from the levy will be executed.

Minority on E-levy

Nevertheless, the in has opposed the E-levy bill ever since government presented it in the 2022 to the House last year. Discussions concerning the passage of the levy ended up in brawls in parliament in December last year.

The Minority continue to insist that the 1.75% tax worsens the plight of the ordinary Ghanaian, especially after being hard hit by the pandemic.

E-levy will mobilize revenue, provide job opportunities – President Akufo Addo to Ghanaians 

‘Justice 4 Ghana' on E-levy

The minority is not the only group to disapprove the E-levy. The ‘Justice 4 Ghana' civil society group, led by Political activist, Bernard Mornah have been picketing the premises of Parliament, to mount pressure on MPs to stop the passage of the e-levy into law.

Bernard Mornah says the government's proposed e-levy is an act of ‘pickpocketing' which will add to the hardship in the country.

He further stated that he and his colleagues will continue to picket at the premises of Parliament until the policy is abolished.

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