Dr Bawumia’s family receive lucrative single-source contracts, GH¢166.7 million direct payment

As more businesses collapse and others pack out of Ghana, Resources Access Limited belonging to the Bawumias receive more lucrative opaque single-source contracts and a colossal GH¢166.7 million direct government payment.

Dr Mahamudu Bawumia
Dr Mahamudu Bawumia

Resources Access Limited, the company owned by the Bawumia family continues to have remarkable and unfettered access to the resources of Ghana through multiple opaque single-source procurements, even though Vice President Bawumia in opposition persistently vilified and harangued President Mahama over single-source procurements.

Vice President Bawumia consistently condemned single-sourcing/sole-sourcing and labeled them as overpriced contracts. (See his September 8, 2016 tweet below).

Latest intercepted contract documents and payment vouchers reveal that the marauding, unprincipled and nepotistic Bawumia single-source procurement empire is now totally out of control.

Recall that a few weeks ago, I published single-source procurement documents intercepted from the Public Procurement Authority under the Cocoa Roads sector, which the Auditor-General's findings state unambiguously and depressingly that Ghana's procurement laws were violently abused in awarding hugely inflated contracts to Cocoa Road contractors including Resources Access Limited, which received the lion's share of GHS83.7million in that infamous create, loot and share scheme.

Fresh documents in my possession I am currently reviewing, sadly confirm that the Auditor General's concerns over procurement breaches and inflated single-source contracts are not limited to Cocoa Roads.

The intercepted payment vouchers, which are duly attached for your scrutiny, do confirm that between March 3, 2023 and March 5, 2024, Resources Access Limited owned by the Bawumias has received a staggering GHS83,036,639 in direct payments from the /Bawumia government.

The contracts awarded to Resources Access Limited under sleazy circumstances include: Rehabilitation of Selected Roads in Teshie Camp, Southern Command, Military Academy Training School Roads (23.45KM & 55,000M2); Partial Reconstruction of Selected Roads in – LOT 1 (44.49KM); Construction of By-Pass Outer Ring from Berekum Road.

When the other single-sourced, inflated cocoa road contract is added, Resources Access Limited, in a few years, has grabbed a colossal GHS166,768,904 in government single-source contracts and payments.

How does Dr. Mahmoud Bawumia, Ghana's Vice President and Head of what many now call the Economic Mismanagement Team feel when under his watch, many businesses have shut down, others have been deliberately destroyed, while many multinationals pack out of Ghana due to the debilitating economic conditions he has created, while his family business flourishes with numerous controversial contracts and a whopping GHS166.7million in direct GoG payments?

As more businesses collapse, it has clearly emerged that there are two kinds of economic realities, particularly for corporate Ghana.

The economic reality of nepotistic and crony businesses appears totally different from the economic reality of businesses not owned by relatives, assigns and allies of those in charge.

So as the list of businesses destroyed by this anti-business cabal continues to grow exponentially, businesses belonging to their families and close friends have never had it this great.

Further analysis of contracts awarded to Resources Access Limited point to a disturbing trend of apparent conflict of interest. The Vice President chairs the Council, and then it turns out that contracts awarded for the rehabilitation of military roads at the Teshie Camp, Southern Command, and the Military Academy Training Schools (MATS) are all awarded to the almighty Resources Access Limited owned by the Vice President's brother, Abraham Bawumia.

No Vice President and Chair of the Ghana Armed Forces Council in Ghana's entire history has engaged in this deplorable conduct.

Imagine what the NPP, CSOs, media, anti- crusaders, and the larger Ghanaian society would have done to then Vice President John Mahama or then Vice President John Evans (God bless his soul) if during their respective tenures as Chair of the Ghana Armed Forces Council, road contracts or other contracts within the Ghana Armed Forces were awarded to their direct siblings?

The intercepted payment vouchers of Resources Access Limited also instructively reveal that whereas the few surviving road contractors are complaining bitterly about traumatic delays by the Akufo-Addo/Bawumia government in honouring payment certificates for work done, Resources Access Limited owned by the Bawumias enjoy a very special dispensation of receiving prompt payments, without any hassle whatsoever.

This is not the Ghana we deserve. Governments must create an enabling, just and fair business climate for all companies to thrive, and not just for their familial or crony businesses.

It is absolutely despicable that Bawumia cannot be trusted to practice what he preaches.

It becomes clearer each passing day why Bawumia and the NPP are desperately seeking to break the 8.

But the Ghanaian people are determined, and nothing can stop judgment day!

For God and Country.

Ghana First 🇬🇭

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