Dr. Bawumia urges Mahama to exercise patience and allow him to serve as president

Dr. Bawumia urges Mahama to exercise patience and allow him to serve as president

The flagbearer of the governing New Patriotic Party (), Dr , has urged his main rival, , to exercise patience and allow him the opportunity to also serve as President.

During a visit to the Naa Fuseini Seidu Pelpuo IV's palace on Sunday, May 19, Dr Bawumia emphasised that while Mr Mahama has already served as President, he has not yet had the chance to do so. Therefore, he urged Mr Mahama to exercise restraint and allow him to take his turn.

Dr Bawumia pointed out that according to the constitution, Mr Mahama is eligible for only one term, whereas he has the potential to serve for two terms if elected.

Despite engaging in political campaigns, Dr Bawumia emphasised that he is focused on addressing issues that are of importance to the Ghanaian people rather than resorting to insults or personal attacks against his opponents.

He reiterated his commitment to informing the electorate about his proposed plans and programmes for the country if elected President, rather than engaging in divisive rhetoric aimed at undermining his opponents.

“[My main opponent and I] are both your children. We are both from the north and he has been president before but I haven't been president before, so I have told him (John Mahama) that he is my senior brother, and he should have patience for me so I can also become president of this country.”

“I will be able to be president for 8 years, and he can only be president for four years, so if the presidency is coming home, then we should have it for 8-years rather than four years,” he said.

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