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Dr Akyaa Boateng advocates preventive health checkups for women

December 18, 2023
Dr Akyaa Boateng advocates preventive health checkups for women: Ghana News

Dr. Yaa Akyaa Boateng, Family Physician Specialist at the International Maritime Hospital (IMaH), underscores the importance of preventive health checkups for women, emphasizing the numerous benefits for individuals and society.

Speaking at the “Your Health! Our Collective Responsibility!” initiative by the , Dr. Boateng highlights the crucial role women play in families, society, and the country. She advocates for regular checkups to detect and prevent illnesses early, preserving women's health for their vital roles.

Dr. Boateng explains that preventive health checks encompass three areas: the woman's medical history, physical examinations, and medical evaluations. These checks aid in early detection and intervention, contributing to overall health maintenance.

Drawing a parallel to vehicle maintenance, Dr. Boateng emphasizes that just as regular checks preserve vehicles, preventive health checks maintain good health in women, preventing complications and premature death.

Encouraging women to consult qualified healthcare professionals, Dr. Boateng stresses the significance of discussing personal history, risk factors, and existing medical conditions during checkups. This information helps doctors make informed decisions and tailor preventive plans to individual needs.

During physical examinations, Dr. Boateng notes the importance of checking various areas, including the eyes, ears, mouth, and neck. Eye examinations can detect visual issues and health conditions like blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol. Hearing examinations aim to identify issues early for prevention.

Oral health checks focus on gum diseases, which, if untreated, increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Neck examinations assess the thyroid's condition, vital for metabolism. Dr. Boateng explains that thyroid issues can lead to palpitations, hypertension, weight gain, or slowed metabolism.

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