Don’t entertain conversations with mobile money fraudsters – MTN warns

Mobile telecommunication network, MTN, has issued a call to the public, urging them to remain vigilant to avoid falling victim to fraud. Over the years, subscribers have reported incidents of fraud, where scammers pose as telecom company officials, deceiving unsuspecting individuals and defrauding them of their money through mobile wallets.

“Despite the many times such incidents keep recurring, people continue to fall, victim, as they lose money on their mobile wallets,” said an MTN representative at a media and stakeholders' forum organized by the company.

Simon Amoh, Senior Commercial Manager in charge of Trade and Sales-Northern Business District, highlighted the need for caution and avoidance of consensus-building conversations with unknown callers.

He compared mobile money accounts to bank accounts and advised against engaging with suspicious callers to prevent monetary losses.

“I am not prepared to listen to you once you initiate any conversation on my mobile account. It is just like your bank account. They are all accounts except one that is sitting in the bank, and it is managed by me. The other is within my control. I manage it, so in any of these conversations, I am not ready to build a consensus with you. Genuine or not genuine, I am not prepared to build a consensus with you, so please let's be a bit careful when people call and try to do certain things. Sometimes I feel we become a bit gullible by listening to some of these. Don't entertain that conversation at all, so you don't lose your money at the end of the day,” Amoh cautioned.

On his part, Daniel Asare, Acting Chief Enterprise Business Officer at MTN, emphasized that the company is implementing stringent measures to combat mobile money fraud.

“Sometimes, you will find out that a SIM has been deactivated, but the fraudster knows that you used that SIM to link your bank or whatever, and they try to use the online to access it. (With the intervention we are coming up with) You can check and see that this SIM is deactivated, this SIM has been recycled so instead of Daniel, it is being used by Simon so go and get Simon. So these are some of the improvements we are bringing to help address some of the issues we have in the market,” Asare said.z

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