Do not pay for Alternative Dispute Resolution Services – Chief Justice Gertrude Torkornoo

The Chief Justice of Ghana, Mrs. Getrude Esaaba Sackey Torkornoo, has urged Ghanaians not to pay for mediation charges at any Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) proceedings in the country.

She made this statement during a public forum after inaugurating her first court complex as Chief Justice in Baatsonaa, West Municipality, Greater Region.

The forum, with the theme “Improving Justice Delivery through Community Engagement,” aimed to educate citizens on the functioning of the justice system.

Chief Justice Torkornoo clarified that the government pays Mediators at various ADR outlets in the country, making it unnecessary for aggrieved parties to pay for their services after mediation.

ADR is designed to expedite cases that can be resolved through consensus, avoiding the lengthy court process. Lady Justice Torkornoo emphasized that ADR cases remain confidential, involving only the parties concerned, unlike court proceedings, which are open to the public.

She pointed out that ADR cases do not go for appeal, and once a consensus is reached, the parties sign an undertaking to fulfil their commitments.

The Chief Justice emphasized that ADR is the best and fastest approach to resolving many civil disputes without initiating a lengthy court process.

During the forum, participants had the opportunity to ask questions and make suggestions directly to the Chief Justice.

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