Disregard for traffic rules and zebra crossing signs on the rise in Tamale

Disregard for traffic rules and zebra crossing signs on the rise in Tamale
Zebra Crossing

In the Metropolis of the , there is a noticeable increase in the disregard for zebra crossing signs, traffic lights, and other traffic rules.

The (GNA) observed that vehicles often ignore pedestrian crossing areas, with pedestrians having to contend with traffic when crossing the road.

Despite the presence of bold white parallel stripes indicating pedestrian crossing, vehicles fail to stop to allow pedestrians to cross.

The situation is exacerbated by motorcycles using pedestrian walkways instead of the designated road, overtaking vehicles that respect zebra crossing signs.

In the central business area, the pedestrian walkway overhead has accessible routes for persons with disabilities.

However, this area is misused by motorcycles and autorickshaws, leading to safety concerns.

The median, designed as a safe space for pedestrians to stop midway while crossing the road, is also being hijacked by motorists.

Some road users expressed their experiences and concerns, citing clashes between motorcycles and pedestrians on the pedestrian walkway.

There is a perception that disregarding traffic rules is normalized in Tamale, and some blame the lack of enforcement by authorities.

Mr Misbao Wundow, Assistant Planning Manager at the Northern Regional Office of the (NRSA), explained that per traffic rules, vehicles should stop before the white thick marking preceding the zebra crossing lines when someone is waiting to cross.

He emphasized the need for residents to avoid misusing designated crossing areas for persons with disabilities.

Mr Wundow expressed dissatisfaction with the prevailing indiscipline on the roads in Tamale and highlighted ongoing efforts through sensitization campaigns to address the issue.

The NRSA conveyed deep concern about the situation and is working towards promoting road safety and discipline among road users.

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