Director of Sports at Legon donates computers and jerseys to Keta schools

Director of Sports at Legon donates computers and jerseys to Keta schools
Dr. Bella Bello Bitugu

Dr. Bella Bello Bitugu, the Director of Sports at the , Legon, has made a generous donation to five schools and institutions in the Municipality.

The donation includes computers and football jerseys, benefiting units such as the Keta Nursing and Midwifery Training College, Keta Roman Catholic mixed Basic School, Keta A.M.E. Zion Basic School, Vodza R.C. Basic School, Adzido M/A Basic Schools, Keta Municipal Education Directorate, and the Keta Municipal Assembly.

During the presentation event, Dr. Bitugu expressed his commitment to supporting education, particularly at the lower level, recognizing its crucial role in shaping the future of children.

A former student of Adzido M /A Basic School, Dr. Bitugu explained that while his primary concern was supporting his alma mater, he felt compelled to assist other nearby schools as well.

Speaking to the students, Dr Bitugu shared his journey, highlighting the challenges he faced growing up and the perseverance that led to his success.

He encouraged the pupils to study hard and pursue their dreams despite any obstacles.

“I schooled here when the structures were not in any good condition as they are now. I used to walk barefooted from Zongo to school every day, but here I am today achieving my dreams, so do not let your conditions discourage you from pursuing your dreams,” he urged.

Dr. Bitugu, also an Executive Board member of the Ghana Olympic Committee, has a history of benevolence, and this recent donation is part of his ongoing efforts to contribute to the educational development of communities.

The Keta Municipal Director of Education, Mr Gerdhard Avudzivi, expressed gratitude for the donation, emphasizing the importance of ICT tools in schools.

The Principal of Keta Nursing and Midwifery Training College, Madam Mabel Kafui Torku, commended Dr Bitugu and assured her that the items would be put to good use. The donation is expected to enhance educational resources and facilities in the beneficiary schools.

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