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Direct Aid conducts free health screening in Tema community

February 19, 2024
Direct Aid conducts free health screening in Tema community

Direct Aid, a non-governmental organization, has initiated a free health screening program for residents of Community One, Site One, as part of its commitment to promoting wellness.

Residents were provided with comprehensive health assessments, including blood pressure checks, blood sugar screening, and consultations with medical professionals and volunteers.

Mr Yakub Munir, a community advocate, highlighted the initiative's objective of empowering residents with knowledge about their health status to make informed decisions regarding their well-being. He stressed the importance of proactive healthcare measures in fostering a healthier community by detecting potential health issues early.

Mr Armiyahu Bala Mohammed, a member of Direct Aid, underscored the program's aims to promote public health and wellness, raise awareness about specific health issues, and facilitate early detection of medical conditions. He noted that financial constraints often hinder individuals from accessing healthcare services, prompting the organization to offer free screenings and medications to bridge this gap.

According to Mr. Mohammed, prioritizing health status is paramount in all aspects of life, emphasizing the need for individuals to prioritize their well-being.

Ms Khadija Ibrahim, a beneficiary of the program, expressed gratitude to Direct Aid for providing essential services to the community, noting that it offered valuable insights into her health status. She encouraged individuals unaware of their health status to take proactive measures to find out.

The initiative reflects Direct Aid's commitment to community health and underscores the importance of accessible healthcare services in promoting overall well-being.

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