Did Ghana police leave out vital information in Cecilia Dapaah’s missing case from Attorney-General?

Recently obtained documents have brought to light a surprising twist in the case involving the alleged theft of cash from 's residence.

It has been revealed that the initial filing of the case took place at a Juvenile Court, leading to concerns over why this information was not included in the documents presented to the .

Despite outlining a list of missing items, including an unspecified amount of money, the initial charges brought against the suspect were less severe, involving offences such as unlawful entry and entering premises for unlawful purposes.

This revelation follows the Attorney General's legal advice, which highlighted the lack of information about the initial arrest of any suspects in 2022 in his review of the police docket.

The newly surfaced documents, as reported by JoyNews, reveal that the police did indeed investigate in 2022. Multiple charges were filed at both the Juvenile Court and the Circuit Court.

The documents detail events starting on October 4, 2022, when Cecilia Dapaah cautioned a domestic staff member against entering specific rooms during work.

Despite the warning, the staff member entered a room on October 6, 2022, and was caught by Dapaah's husband, Daniel Kuffuor. The incident was reported to the Tesano Police and Victim Support Unit.

Upon Dapaah's return on October 10, she conducted an inventory to identify missing items, including Kente cloth, women's clothing, an unspecified sum of money, and jewellery.

Statements were obtained from the juvenile suspect, leading to appropriate charges. The suspect appeared in the Circuit Court on October 26, 2022.

However, due to age determination discrepancies, she was discharged and subsequently re-arrested. Fresh charges were filed at the Juvenile Court.

Interestingly, the obtained documents did not mention the alleged theft of 1 million dollars, suits, and other amounts in Ghana cedis, which were detailed in court documents filed against the same suspect and four others in July 2023, concerning the same theft that occurred in October 2022.

These developments raise concerns about why the full details of the case, including theft-related charges, were not disclosed to the Attorney General's office.

Deputy Attorney General Alfred Tuah Yeboah expressed astonishment at the omission, stating that his office would seek clarification from the police.

He noted, “The docket that was submitted to us had nothing about a case pending in any juvenile court… In terms of any prosecution going on at the Juvenile or Circuit Court (previously), we are not aware.”

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