Dialysis nurse advocates for regional dialysis facilities to make treatment affordable

Dialysis nurse advocates for regional dialysis facilities to make treatment affordable: Ghana News
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Ms. Nancy Abedi, a dialysis nurse at the International Maritime Hospital (IMaH), has called on the government to establish at least one dialysis facility in each region to ensure accessible care for local patients.

She stressed the importance of subsidies to make treatment affordable for disadvantaged patients and encouraged health institutions to collaborate with the government to establish dialysis facilities across Ghana.

Ms. Abedi made this appeal during the weekly “Your Health! Our Collective Responsibility!” initiative by the Regional Office, aimed at promoting communication on health-related topics and improving health literacy.

Highlighting the current situation, Ms. Abedi pointed out that many regions lacked dialysis facilities, forcing patients to travel long distances for care.

She also addressed the limited availability of dialysis machines in the management of kidney diseases.

According to her, some regions, including the , lacked dialysis centers entirely, and it was only recently that the received one. In contrast, there are currently five privately operated centers in the Tema area.

Ms. Abedi explained that the high cost of dialysis was primarily due to the electricity-powered machines and water treatment facilities.

Patients typically require at least three dialysis treatments per week to remove toxins and excess water from their systems, as their kidneys cannot do so independently. Each session costs between GH¢500.00 and GH¢600.00.

She dispelled the misconception that kidney illness was a condition only affecting the wealthy, emphasizing that it affected individuals across various social classes.

Ms. Abedi called for greater attention to be paid to this critical healthcare issue to ensure that all Ghanaians, regardless of their economic status, could access essential dialysis treatments.

Reporting by Laudia Sawer: Editing by Adewale Adejoke

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