Decapitated body of Ghanaian fisheries observer found a month after disappearance

Decapitated body of Ghanaian fisheries observer found a month after disappearance
Photo: BBC

The decapitated body of Samuel Abayitey, a Ghanaian fisheries observer who went missing a month ago aboard the tuna vessel “Marine 707” stationed at Harbour, has been discovered.

The unsettling circumstances surrounding his death have prompted calls for a thorough investigation from his grieving family.

Emmanuel Eugene Dorpumor, a brother of the deceased, provided details about the discovery, stating that Abayitey's body was found on Saturday, December 9. The family had received information a month earlier about his disappearance.

According to Dorpumor, Abayitey's colleagues reported that they had been chatting with him in the evening, but when they woke up around 1 am, he was nowhere to be found on the ship, despite extensive searches.

On December 9th, Abayitey's decapitated body was discovered washed ashore near Tema.

Despite the absence of his head, Dorpumor was able to identify the remains as his brother's.

“Last Saturday, we went to the seashore in the evening and found him dead. We were able to identify the body, and so the police from Tema came for the body, and so the body is now with the police. His head was not there when we found him, but since he is our brother, we knew he was the one,” said Dorpumor.

Expressing concern about the lack of clarity surrounding Abayitey's death, the brother called on the to conduct a thorough investigation to unveil the truth. He also appealed to lawyers to join the family in seeking justice.

“When the thing happened, they arrested some of the workers, but they have been released and gone back to the sea, and so as a family, we need lawyers to come in to help because it is a serious thing for us because we all know how to swim because we are from a coastal area, and so his death is very serious to us.”

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