Daily Graphic now being used to manufacture public opinion – Prof Kobby Mensah

Daily Graphic
June 6, 2024 Daily Graphic frontpage.

Political Marketing Lecturer, Professor , has voiced strong criticism over a recent decision by the to feature a poll conducted by an unknown third party on its front page.

The controversial poll claims that while the National Democratic Congress () is the most popular party, Vice President Dr. is the preferred candidate to lead Ghana, with 23.1% of sampled voters remaining undecided.

In a post, Professor Mensah expressed his astonishment at the editorial choice, highlighting that the poll was neither commissioned by the newspaper nor conducted in collaboration with it. He questioned the credibility of the pollster, noting the lack of an established track record in conducting polls.

“In my journalism education, I have never seen or heard a poll conducted by a third party occupy the front page of a national newspaper,” Mensah stated. He further criticized the paper for potentially manufacturing public opinion by giving prominence to an unverified poll.

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