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Current format of BECE bound to change – WAEC head of the Public Affairs

July 8, 2024
Current format of BECE bound to change - WAEC head of the Public Affairs

The head of the Public Affairs Unit of the  (WAEC), John Kapi, has disclosed that the current format of the Certificate Examination () is bound to change with the rising needs and demands of Ghana.

Speaking on the preparedness of WAEC in the ongoing BECE, Mr. Kapi told the host, Bernard Avle of the Citi Breakfast Show on Citi FM, that all the necessary measures have been put in place to ensure the integrity of the exam.

Touching on the ongoing debate about the exam changing form and shape, Mr. Kapi intimated that there is a possibility depending on Ghana's growing population and manpower needs.

“There is always a possibility of changing the format depending on the population and the manpower needs of the country and so it is possible that the exam's format can change.”

It is reported that the proposed bill, which is yet to be laid before , aims to eliminate the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) as a requirement for entering secondary school.

The bill seeks to restructure the education system by separating junior high school () from basic school and integrating it into a six-year secondary education framework.

Dr. explained that upon passing the bill, certification will become the first formal academic qualification in the country, replacing the current BECE certification.

The minister emphasised that the restructuring would ensure a continuous six-year secondary education, with new schools co-locating JHS and SHS students on the same campuses. Existing schools with both JHS and SHS students will continue this practice.

Mr. Kapi further appealed to all the stakeholders in the exam to desist from all forms of malpractice.

“We have appealed to all the candidates, parents, guardians, , and supervisors, and what we are saying is that we don't expect the candidates to come to the exam hall with any foreign material and they should do independent work and should not solicit support from anybody within or outside the examination hall. No smart watches or any form of electronic gadget should be brought to the exam hall.”

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