Critical decisions loom as deadline nears for Niger’s political crisis

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As the seven-day ultimatum given by West African leaders for the military in to reinstate President Mohamed Bazoum draws to a close, both sides face pivotal choices.

The regional bloc , led by President of , warned of possible force if the junta does not restore constitutional order.

Sanctions have been imposed, borders closed, and electricity supplies cut, pushing the country towards isolation.

As the deadline approaches, here are the potential scenarios:

Extension of Deadline

may opt to extend the deadline to allow for more diplomatic efforts. This could be seen as a climbdown, yet if portrayed as giving diplomacy a chance, it might save face for the leaders.

Agreement on Transition Timetable

To defuse tensions, both the junta and Ecowas could agree on a roadmap to democratic rule. This might include releasing President Bazoum and political detainees to facilitate talks and maintain stability.

Military Intervention

Ecowas has left the possibility of force on the table. While this has been used before, challenges are formidable. 's size and 's domestic security concerns complicate any intervention. and warn intervention could escalate into a regional conflict.

As the situation unfolds, international voices emphasize dialogue to avoid further turmoil. Ecowas has drafted a military intervention plan, with Nigeria, , , and expressing readiness to deploy troops if necessary.

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