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CPP Sylvester Sarpong calls for unity among party members

June 28, 2024
CPP Sylvester Sarpong calls for unity among party members

The Director of Communications of the Convention People's Party (), Sylvester Sarpong-Soprano, has called for unity among party members.

His call comes after he earlier stated that the party was unlikely to present a presidential candidate for the 2024 general elections due to internal wrangling.

In an interview, Sylvester Sarpong-Soprano emphasised that the party must resolve its internal issues to effectively contest for power against the National Democratic Congress () and the New Patriotic Party ().

“For some reason, especially including the fact that we had these disruptions by these elders in our party form so-called committees that seem to interrupt our activities. We have had five court cases over the past four years, with an average length of about eight to ten months before there is a judgment.

“So that is one of the reasons why we are not moving forward as we should be moving forward. So right now…We see an opportunity for the party to unite right now.

“I am committed to telling the full truth about the CPP so that we can get support and help to revamp. I could sit here and do propaganda and say, oh, the CPP is all well and good, and that we will win the presidency. I can do that, but I must tell the truth to the Ghanaian electorate so that they know the state of the party so that they can rally so that we can save Ghana.”

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