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Continue abiding by the law in communicating prophecies – Ghana Police

December 27, 2023
IGP Ghana Police

As the year draws to a close, the has issued a reminder to the public, particularly the religious community, regarding the legal aspects of publishing prophecies.

The directive aims to ensure compliance with the law and maintain a society free from unnecessary panic, fear, and alarm.

In an official statement signed by Assistant Commissioner of Police, Grace Ansah-Akrofi, who serves as the Director of Public Affairs, the police expressed gratitude for the overall cooperation of faith-based groups and individuals in adhering to the law on the dissemination of prophecies.

“We are grateful to faith-based groups and individuals for their compliance with the law so far, particularly in communicating prophecies. While this has protected the rights and freedoms of those who are normally affected by these prophecies, it has also fostered a society free of needless panic, fear, and alarm,” the statement read.

The police emphasized the importance of patriotic behaviour and urged all individuals, especially those within faith-based groups, to continue abiding by the law. This, they believe, will contribute to maintaining the existing state of law, order, and security in Ghana.

“While we have the right to practice our faith and freedom of speech as guaranteed by our constitution and democratic values, we want to reiterate that the enjoyment of these rights is subject to respect for the rights and freedoms of others and the public interest,” the statement continued.

In a bid to reinforce the compliance message, the police designated December 27th as “Prophecy Communication Compliance Day.” This special day serves as a reminder for religious communities to operate within the legal framework when communicating prophecies.

The statement concluded on a festive note, extending warm wishes to everyone for a Merry and a Prosperous .

The Ghana Police Service anticipates continued cooperation from the public in upholding the law and ensuring a peaceful transition into the new year.

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