Cocoa farmers to expect producer price increase in October – COCOBOD assures

Cocoa farmers in Ghana can anticipate an increase in producer prices during the upcoming October season, according to Mr Stephen Fiifi Boafo, Head of 's Public Affairs Department. He expressed optimism about the rising prices in the global market, emphasizing that cocoa farmers will soon receive good news.

Mr Boafo made the announcement while addressing requests from cocoa farmers at an event in Damang, organized as part of the Ghana Foundation's Cocoa Support Programme.

Although he didn't provide specific details about the margin of the increase, he acknowledged that the current price for a 64 kg bag of cocoa is approximately GH¢800.

While cocoa prices are influenced by the world market, Mr Boafo assured that efforts were underway to ensure favourable arrangements that would benefit farmers. He emphasized that COCOBOD is committed to ensuring that farmers receive their fair share when prices are favourable.

Mr Boafo also highlighted the detrimental impact of , known as galamsey, on the future livelihoods of cocoa farmers. H

e cautioned farmers against selling their lands to illegal miners, as it results in the loss of life investments and future income. He urged farmers to resist any attempts to convince them to engage in illegal mining activities.

Furthermore, Mr Boafo reminded cocoa farmers about the various measures implemented by the government, in collaboration with the Ghana Cocoa Board and the National Pension Regulatory Authority, to improve the lives of cocoa farmers, particularly in retirement.

He emphasized the importance of the Cocoa Farmers Pension Scheme, which aims to secure their future and provide a decent livelihood after retirement.

He warned that selling cocoa farms for illegal mining activities would deprive farmers and future generations of the opportunity to earn a sustainable income.

In addition to the Pension Scheme, COCOBOD has implemented initiatives such as cocoa mass spraying, rehabilitation, pruning, hand pollination, and subsidized fertilizers to support farmers.

These programs come at a significant cost to the government, underscoring the need to eradicate illegal mining to safeguard the future of the cocoa industry.

Mr Boafo expressed gratitude to the Gold Fields Ghana Foundation for their Cocoa Farmers Support Programme and urged other mining companies to follow their example.

He believed that responsible mining practices could contribute to improving the ecosystem and supporting environmental activities, including .

The coexistence of mining and cocoa production has been peaceful over the years until the rise of illegal mining activities.

Mr Boafo emphasized that responsible mining practices are crucial to maintaining harmony and supporting sustainable agricultural practices.

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