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Close to 900,000 metric tonnes of cashew go waste in Bono Region

February 23, 2024
Close to 900,000 metric tonnes of cashew go waste in Bono Region

Madam Justina Owusu-Banahene, the Bono Regional Minister, has called upon Ghana's development partners to aid in adding value to cashew fruits and nuts to foster job creation and reduce poverty. She highlighted the significant challenge of approximately 889,000 metric tons of cashew fruits going to waste annually in the region due to the absence of processing plants for value addition.

During an interaction with heads of departments and agencies in , as part of the visit by Mrs. Harriet Thompson, the British High Commissioner, to explore the region's economic potential, Madam Owusu-Banahene emphasized the need for support in establishing processing facilities. She noted that despite the region having approximately 74,000 acres of cashew plantations, the lack of processing infrastructure, along with other challenges such as a disjointed value chain, price fluctuations, and poor farm management practices, were hindering the sector's growth.

Additionally, Madam Owusu-Banahene highlighted the poultry sector as another significant economic potential in the region, with over 1,160 farmers and a poultry stock of about 8,000,000. However, challenges such as the absence of laboratories, high costs of poultry feed and drugs, as well as price competition with imported products, were impeding the sector's progress.

In response, Mrs Thompson expressed her admiration for the economic prospects of the region, particularly in the poultry sector, and assured the UK's commitment to enhancing trade in Ghana through value addition.

Mr. Dennis Amenga Abugri, the Bono Regional Director of the (), highlighted the region's agricultural landscape, which predominantly focuses on crops such as maize, cassava, yam, plantain, cashew, cocoa, and mango. However, he pointed out the challenges posed by climate change, which was adversely affecting food productivity in the region.

The appeal by Madam Owusu-Banahene underscores the urgent need for concerted efforts and support from both local and international partners to address the challenges facing the cashew and poultry sectors in the , ultimately contributing to sustainable economic development and poverty reduction.

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