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Church of Pentecost pastors and wives donate desks to Asare Bediako Senior High School

February 14, 2024
Church of Pentecost pastors and wives donate desks to Asare Bediako Senior High School
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Thirty-one pastors and their wives from the Obuasi Area of of Pentecost have rallied together to donate 200 desks to the Asare Bediako Senior High School, situated in the Adansi North District of the .

The school, catering to over 1,500 students, found itself grappling with a shortage of desks, with only 600 available for its sizable student population. This scarcity led to the unfortunate circumstance of two students having to share a single desk, significantly impeding their academic progress.

Recognizing the pressing need for additional furniture, the school management reached out to the Obuasi Area of the Church of Pentecost, appealing for assistance in addressing the shortfall. In response, the church mobilized funds from the 31 pastors and their spouses to procure 200 desks, thereby alleviating the strain caused by the inadequate furniture.

Prophet David Kankam Beditor, Area Head of the Church of Pentecost, emphasized the importance of responding to the school's plea, underscoring his commitment to fulfilling the request outlined in his predecessor's handover notes, Apostle William Boakye Agyarko.

He lauded the generosity of the pastors and their wives, highlighting their collective efforts in facilitating the acquisition of the much-needed desks. Additionally, he urged to persevere in delivering quality education despite the challenges, while reminding students to handle the desks with care.

Expressing gratitude on behalf of the school, Dr. Emmanuel Asiedu, the Headmaster, hailed the Church of Pentecost's timely intervention, acknowledging the significant impact of the donation. However, he also appealed to other benevolent groups and institutions to extend support to the school, addressing its various challenges.

Established in 1993, Asare Bediako Senior High School faces additional hurdles, including the absence of adequate toilet facilities and dormitories for female students, underscoring the need for continued assistance to enhance the learning environment and overall well-being of its students.

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