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Church building collapses injuring seven in Old Bortianor

Old Bortianor, Ga South Municipality, Greater Region – A tragic incident unfolded in Old Bortianor when a church building collapsed on a group of construction workers, resulting in injuries to seven individuals.

The incident occurred at the Word In Action Church on Tuesday morning while construction work was underway on the three-storey auditorium.

Eyewitnesses recounted that the collapse transpired as the workers, who were engaged in an extension project for the auditorium, heard an unusual noise. Unfortunately, their attempt to escape was thwarted as the building crumbled around them.

Emergency services promptly arrived at the scene and all the victims were swiftly transported to the Bortianor polyclinic. One of the workers, who sustained critical injuries, was later transferred to the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital for further medical attention.

An eyewitness shared their account, stating, “I can say that one of the injured persons is very hurt because the pillars really hit him hard. That is what I actually saw.”

The National Disaster Management Organization () confirmed that their search for any possible trapped victims had concluded. However, the exact cause of the tragic incident is yet to be determined.

Wonder Matthew, the Deputy Director of NADMO for Ga South, spoke to the media and acknowledged the ongoing efforts to ascertain the cause of the collapse. He stated, “For now, we cannot do any assessment now. Engineers are now trying to bring their assessment but what we know now is that seven persons have been injured and have been taken to the hospital for treatment.”

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