Challenges faced by physically challenged and aged court users in Kaneshie District Court

Challenges faced by physically challenged and aged court users in Kaneshie District Court
Karneshei District Court

The in Ghana is facing challenges in providing access to justice for physically challenged and aged court users due to its disability-unfriendly infrastructure.

Physically challenged individuals and the elderly encounter difficulties accessing the court premises, often requiring assistance to reach the courtroom.

The existing infrastructure lacks features that accommodate individuals with disabilities or those who may struggle with mobility.

Judges sometimes resort to using alternative rooms for cases involving physically challenged persons.

The staircase design in the building makes it challenging for individuals with severe disabilities or the elderly to climb to the first or second floor where courtrooms are located.

Ghana's Constitution emphasizes the importance of ensuring justice delivery to all citizens without discrimination, aligning with the ' Sustainable Development Goal Nine, which promotes inclusive and resilient infrastructure.

However, the current state of the Kaneshie District Court falls short of these goals.

In addition to the physical challenges faced by court users, the lack of accessibility hinders the achievement of Goal 16, which aims to promote peaceful and inclusive societies, provide access to justice for all, and build accountable and inclusive institutions.

Unfriendly court structures can contribute to civil conflicts and hinder the efficient delivery of public services.

Addressing these issues is crucial to uphold the human rights of individuals with disabilities and the elderly, ensuring equal access to justice and preventing marginalization or discrimination.

Resolving structural injustices is essential for restoring trust in the court system and promoting sustainable peace.

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