Cape FM Journalist assaulted by alleged NPP supporters during party’s parliamentary vetting in Cape Coast

Journalist assaulted by alleged NPP supporters during party's parliamentary vetting in Cape Coast

Mr David Kobbina, a journalist with Cape FM in , fell victim to a brutal assault by alleged supporters of the New Patriotic Party () during the party's parliamentary vetting in Cape Coast.

The assault stemmed from a case of mistaken identity, with the assailants wrongly identifying Mr. Kobbina as a certain Jacob who allegedly insulted a prominent NPP figure on . Despite the journalist's efforts to prove his identity, the irate supporters, numbering more than eight, subjected him to a barrage of physical violence.

The assailants slapped Mr. Kobbina multiple times and mercilessly pummeled and kicked him in the abdomen, ribs, chest, and belly.

Recounting the harrowing experience, Mr Kobbina stated that he was charging his phone at the Central Regional Coordinating Council's summer hut when a man in mufti, believed to be a police officer, beckoned him.

The man, incorrectly identifying Mr Kobbina as Jacob, presented a picture on his phone allegedly showing the journalist insulting an “honourable” on UTV. Despite displaying his press tag and affirming his association with Cape FM, Mr Kobbina was suddenly attacked from behind.

“I turned around to find out who it was but then, I received another one. Before I knew it, I had been mobbed by the thugs who beat me up like a criminal,” he recounted.

Colleagues who witnessed the assault called for justice, and the case was reported to Mr Anthony Sackey, the Central Regional Organiser of the NPP. Condemning the attack, Mr Sackey assured appropriate action to address the situation.

The journalists further sought intervention from Mr Peter Mac Manu, the Chairman of the vetting committee Team B and former National Chairman of the Party. Mr Mac Manu pledged to take action in response to the assault.

Subsequently, Mr Kobbina lodged a formal complaint at the Kotokuraba police station, where he received a form to seek medical attention.

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