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Call for government support for STC amid bus shortage

December 27, 2023
Call for government support for STC amid bus shortage
STC Buses

The State Transport Corporation (STC) has appealed to the government for support in the form of additional buses to address the shortage they are currently facing.

Mr Kodwo Barnes, the STC manager for Zone, highlighted that the limited number of buses has resulted in a decline in customer patronage, with passengers opting for private transport providers.

In an interview with the , Mr Barnes emphasized that although STC is committed to ensuring the safe transportation of travellers, the shortage of buses has led to challenges, especially during peak travel periods.

The manager expressed concern that the situation has affected their ability to provide services to destinations such as , leading passengers to choose alternative transport stations.

Mr Barnes noted that the influx of travellers during the festive season and the beginning of the academic year has heightened the need for more buses.

He urged the government to intervene by providing additional buses to enhance the efficiency of STC's operations.

Despite STC's efforts to maintain high safety standards, routine driver training, and thorough checks on buses and luggage, the shortage of buses remains a significant hurdle.

Mr Barnes reiterated STC's commitment to delivering safe, comfortable, and reliable road transportation and emphasized the positive relationship between drivers and passengers.

A passenger, Madam Leticia Foli, commended the quality of transportation services provided by STC but highlighted the issue of bus scarcity affecting departure schedules.

She acknowledged the professionalism of drivers and the overall good experience but stressed the importance of addressing the shortage of vehicles to enhance operational efficiency.

The call for government support reflects the challenges faced by STC in meeting the growing demand for intercity transport services, especially during peak travel seasons.

Additional buses would not only address the current limitations but also contribute to improved service delivery and customer satisfaction.

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