Call for Government policies to promote fibreglass canoes in Ghana

Call for Government policies to promote fibreglass canoes in Ghana

The government of Ghana has been urged to implement policies that support the construction and use of fibreglass canoes as a sustainable alternative to wooden ones. Mr. George Obeng, a Naval Architect and Graduate Assistant at the Regional Maritime University (RMU), emphasized the long-term benefits of fibreglass canoes, including superior durability and minimal maintenance costs compared to traditional wooden canoes.

Speaking at a media forum organized by the (GPHA), Mr Obeng and Dr Vindex Domeh, a Lecturer at the RMU, advocated for the introduction of fibreglass canoes in Ghana. They highlighted the environmental sustainability of fibreglass and urged the government to consider policies similar to those in countries like Cote d'Ivoire, where laws govern the felling of trees for marine crafts.

Mr. Obeng, drawing attention to Ghana's existing capacity for fibreglass boat production, emphasized the need to trust and empower local manufacturers for mass production. He cited examples of fibreglass boats designed and produced locally for the Ghana Navy and .

Addressing concerns about the initial cost of fibreglass canoes, Dr Domeh acknowledged that they might be more expensive upfront but emphasized the long-term savings due to their 50-year lifespan before major maintenance is required. The experts believe that investing in the fibreglass production industry could contribute to the growth of Ghana's maritime sector and generate employment opportunities for the youth.

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