Bust unveiled to honour Bishop Emeritus Francis Anani Kofi Lodonu on 50th anniversary as Bishop

A special ceremony took place to unveil a bust in honour of Most Reverend Francis Anani Kofi Lodonu, the Bishop Emeritus of Catholic Diocese, commemorating his 50th anniversary as a Bishop.

Bishop Emeritus Lodonu served as the first Bishop of the Diocese, overseeing the faithful in the , including the now region.

The unveiling ceremony took place during a homecoming and golden Episcopal Ordination thanksgiving Mass in Gbi-Atabu, the hometown of Bishop Emeritus Lodonu. In a humble voice, he expressed his gratitude to God and all those present, including priests and nuns.

He emphasized that his appointment as a Bishop nine years into his priesthood was not due to any special qualities he possessed, but rather because he was chosen to shepherd God's faithful.

During the event, Bishop Emeritus Lodonu encouraged the youth to take good care of , highlighting their responsibility for its preservation.

He also cautioned against indiscriminate sales of lands within the traditional area, as it deprives future generations of a valuable asset.

Bishop Emeritus Lodonu urged parents to care for their children and called on children to reciprocate by providing the best care for their parents.

Monsignor Joseph Nsiah, Vicar General of Jasikan Diocese, delivered a homily praising Bishop Emeritus Lodonu for embodying the qualities of a biblical shepherd in carrying out his Episcopal duties. He acknowledged the Bishop's efforts in evangelization, which had inspired many individuals to enter the priesthood.

Monsignor Nsiah encouraged the youth to exhibit positive behaviours that could lead them to become saints even at a young age.

Born on November 19, 1937, in Gbi-Atabu, Bishop Emeritus Lodonu was the 12th and youngest child of his parents. He was elected as Bishop on May 14, 1973, serving as the Titular Bishop of Mascula and subsequently ordained on June 29, 1973, in St. Peter's Basilica, Rome, by Pope Paul VI.

His ordination was part of the commemoration of the 10th Pontificate of Pope Paul VI, with ten bishops ordained in total.

Throughout his career, Bishop Lodonu played an active role in resolving conflicts and promoting peace in the Volta Region.

He served on committees aimed at bringing peace between various communities, including the Pekis and Awudomes, as well as the Alavanyos and Nkonyas.

The ceremony, attended by religious leaders, traditional leaders, family members, friends, faithful followers, and well-wishers from near and far, coincided with the Parish Patron Feasts Day of St. Aloysius Gonzaga.

The Bishop Lodonu Educational Fund was also launched, and presentations were made to commemorate his Golden Jubilee as an Episcopal Ordination.

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