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Bawumia cannot be blamed for the economy – Technical Advisor to Veep

February 12, 2024
Bawumia cannot be blamed for the economy – Technical Advisor to Veep
Dr. Tiah Kabiru Mahama

The technical Advisor at the Office of the Vice President, Dr. Tiah Kabiru Mahama, emphasized that Dr. cannot be held accountable for the management of Ghana's economy. Dr. Mahama clarified that Dr. Bawumia's primary responsibility was spearheading the nation's digitization agenda, with no direct involvement in economic affairs.

Highlighting Dr Bawumia's specific areas of focus, Dr Mahama pointed out that the Vice President had a dedicated secretariat under his office to oversee initiatives such as the implementation of a paperless port system, digitalization of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (), and the Ghana Identification Card project. He stressed that these digitization efforts were effectively coordinated through the secretariat, ensuring their successful implementation.

During an appearance on the AM Show on JoyNews, Dr. Mahama further explained that Dr. Bawumia's role in economic matters was limited to offering advice to the cabinet through the Economic Management Team (EMT). He clarified that, unlike his involvement in digitization, Dr. Bawumia did not have oversight of a dedicated secretariat when it came to economic management.

Dr. Mahama, a Chartered Accountant and Development Expert, emphasized that while Dr. Bawumia possessed a strong grasp of digitization initiatives, his involvement in economic matters was primarily advisory. He cautioned against conflating Dr. Bawumia's advisory role with direct responsibility for economic outcomes, reiterating that such responsibility lay with the Economic Management Team and the broader government.

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