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Bawumia calls for renewed patriotism and unity

January 1, 2024
Bawumia calls for renewed patriotism and unity
Mahamudu Bawumia

In his 's message, Vice President has urged all Ghanaians to renew their spirits of patriotism and work together to elevate the nation to new heights in the upcoming election year.

He encouraged citizens to approach 2024 with hope and optimism, emphasizing the need for a united front in building a modern and resilient economy anchored on digitalization.

“Beloved Ghanaians, Happy New Year. I warmly welcome you to 2024. Samira and I and our children are grateful to God for granting us and all Ghanaians life and a new beginning,” Vice President Bawumia expressed.

He called on Ghanaians to review the past year, reset for the future, reaffirm commitments that have worked, and explore new paths to a wealth of possibilities.

Dr Bawumia expressed excitement and confidence about the prospects of 2024, highlighting the significance of the election year.

“To be successful together, we must all dig deep and renew our spirits of patriotism. We must begin this New Year with hope, optimism, and what we think we will become,” he emphasized.

The Vice President urged citizens to take pride in their heritage and work collaboratively to propel the country to new heights.

He acknowledged the upcoming election year as a milestone, marking another layer on Ghana's landmark 30 years of democracy.

Dr. Bawumia assured Ghanaians of the government's commitment to improving the lives of all citizens.

He emphasized the determination to build a modern and resilient economy characterized by digitalization.

The Vice President reiterated the government's focus on making the future ready for young people, creating greater opportunities for all citizens to fulfil their dreams and aspirations.

“We shall never forget that national development and our well-being are only possible where there is national stability, social cohesion, and peace.

Welcome to the year of possibilities,” Vice President Bawumia concluded.

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