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Badminton Association needs overhauling – Coach 

March 12, 2024
Badminton Association needs overhauling - Coach 

Mr. Ernest Sakyi, the Head Coach of the Ghana Badminton Team for the 13th , has issued a passionate plea for a comprehensive overhaul of the Ghana Badminton Association. In an interview with GNA Sports, Mr Sakyi highlighted several critical issues plaguing the association, emphasizing the urgent need for government intervention to address these challenges and foster the development of the sport in the country.

Mr Sakyi expressed deep concern over the lack of transparency and accountability within the association, citing issues such as interference from the association president in player selections and decision-making processes, as well as the absence of financial accountability and term limits for association officers. He stressed that these issues have hindered the progress of the sport and undermined the efforts of players and coaches.

Regarding Ghana's performance at the ongoing African Games, Mr Sakyi attributed the team's poor showing not to the players' capabilities but to internal issues within the association. He lamented the suspension of experienced players ahead of the games and emphasized the need for fair and merit-based player selection processes.

Furthermore, Mr. Sakyi highlighted logistical challenges faced by the team, including inadequate training time and limited access to proper training facilities. He revealed that delays in court preparation at the tournament venue forced the team to rely on makeshift training arrangements, impacting their preparedness for the competition. Additionally, he raised concerns about the late provision of essential equipment for the players, further hampering their performance.

In light of these challenges, Mr. Sakyi called on the government to take a proactive role in supporting the development of badminton in Ghana. He emphasized the importance of investing in the sport and ensuring proper preparation of the national team to compete at international levels successfully.

In conclusion, Mr. Sakyi's call for reform in the Ghana Badminton Association underscores the critical need to address systemic issues affecting the sport's growth and performance. By prioritizing transparency, accountability, and adequate support for players and coaches, Ghana can unlock the full potential of its badminton talent and achieve success on the international stage.

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