Ashanti: Over 150,000 volunteers pledge support for Alan Kyerematen

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Alan Kyerematen Great Transformational Plan

In a resounding show of support, over 150,000 dedicated volunteers in the have pledged their unwavering commitment to Mr. , affirming their allegiance during a recent orientation meeting held at the CCB Auditorium in .

The massive turnout contradicts earlier claims by some political activists and commentators that the had abandoned Mr. Kyerematen.

At the gathering, Mr. reaffirmed his vision, the Great Transformational Plan (GTP), aimed at alleviating the economic challenges faced by Ghanaians.

The event was marked by patriotic songs and an overwhelming spirit of unity, reflecting the participants' firm dedication to being active contributors to the ‘.'

The orientation meeting served as a platform for volunteers to familiarize themselves with the core principles of Mr Kyerematen's visionary agenda, fostering a sense of shared purpose and determination to drive meaningful change throughout the region and the nation.

The event's success highlights the collective desire of Ghanaians to actively participate in shaping a future marked by progress, inclusivity, and prosperity under the dynamic leadership of Alan Kyerematen.

As the ‘' continues to gain momentum, the unwavering dedication and involvement of the 150,000-strong volunteer base represent a symbol of hope and determination, signifying Ghanaians' steadfast commitment to charting a path towards a brighter and more promising Ghana.

This occasion underscores the increasing support and enthusiastic backing that the Ashanti Region has lent to Alan Kyerematen's vision for a progressive and prosperous Ghana under the banner of the ‘Movement for Change.'

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