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Ashaiman Municipal Assembly struggles to elect presiding member

February 14, 2024
Ashaiman Municipal Assembly struggles to elect presiding member

The Municipal Assembly (ASHMA) finds itself in a state of impasse as its newly sworn-in assembly members have failed to elect a presiding member for two consecutive attempts. Despite the participation of 17 elected members and eight government appointees, none of the candidates managed to secure the required two-thirds majority vote.

In the first round of voting, Mr. Charles Kissi Kofi, representing the Nii Man Electoral Area, garnered 15 votes, while his contender, Mr. Godwin Duvor from Naa Amerley Electoral Area, received nine votes. However, these numbers fell short of the necessary threshold for election. In the subsequent round, Mr. Kofi obtained 14 votes, and Mr. Duvor secured 12 votes, further prolonging the deadlock.

Consequently, the Assembly was compelled to postpone the elections to allow for additional consultations and deliberations among members.

The assembly members, alongside 85-unit committee members, were formally sworn into office by Mr. Simon Nketiah Gaga, Circuit Court Judge. During the ceremony, they took oaths of Official Secrecy and Allegiance, pledging their commitment to uphold their responsibilities to the community.

Mr. Albert Boakye Okyere, the Ashaiman Municipal Chief Executive, extended his congratulations to the assembly members while emphasizing the importance of fostering open dialogue with constituents. He urged them to familiarize themselves with relevant legal frameworks and regulations governing their duties, including the Local Governance Act 2016 (Act 936), standing orders, and statutory provisions.

Furthermore, Mr. Okyere emphasized the significance of diligence, accountability, and responsiveness in fulfilling their obligations, stressing the importance of unity and cooperation among members for effective service delivery.

Ms. Irene Naa Torshie Addo, Administrator for the Assembly Common Funds and former Member of for West, delivered a speech on behalf of President Nana . She reminded the assembly and unit committee members of their mandate to deliberate, plan, mobilize resources, and enact decisions, including bye-laws, to drive the transformation and development of the municipal assembly.

The inability to elect a presiding member underscores the challenges faced by ASHMA in achieving consensus among its members, highlighting the need for constructive engagement and collaboration to address pressing issues and advance the interests of the community.

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