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Apuwongu bridge collapses, travellers stranded

Apuwongu bridge collapses, travellers stranded

The only bridge that connects Apuwongu and Dua communities through Yikene to the district capital of the Bongo district in the Region has collapsed.

The collapse of the bridge occurred after a heavy storm on Tuesday left commuters travelling from the area to other parts of the district stranded.

The state of the bridge has also caused school children to remain at home whilst vehicles, tricycles and pedestrians are unable to use the bridge to adjoining communities.

Schools within the community closed early during Tuesday's rainstorm to enable pupils and to cross over to their various communities and homes before the heavy rain occurred.

Speaking in an interview with the Assemblyman of the Area, Mr Roger Abugre Apolunge, said the situation had been communicated in a letter to the district Assembly.

The bridge according to him was constructed in the early 2000s without culverts and the current collapse is the third time it has occurred, leaving untold hardships on the people living there.

Mr Apulunge said in 2022 and 2023, the bridge collapsed, and the community members contributed money for stones and some rocks to fill the bridge to enable easy access.
“The situation is too alarming since any health emergency issue could spell doom for the area as teachers, traders, school children, health workers and market women will be unable to commute…” he said.

The Assemblyman appealed to the District Assembly to come to the aid of the community by fixing the bridge.

The Apuwongo community has approximately a population of 3,450 people.
A recent GNA report carried out on educational facilities in the community also indicated that school children were learning under trees due to the absence of classroom infrastructure hence they were made to go home whenever it threatened to rain.

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