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Alan Kyerematen unveils ambitious plan to create three million jobs

Alan Kyerematen
Alan Kyerematen

The leader and founder of the , , has unveiled an ambitious plan to create three million jobs for the youth through an initiative he calls “Operation Own Your Business,” should he be elected President in the December 7 polls.

Central to his strategy is providing financial support to all graduates, aimed at empowering them to start their own businesses. 

Mr Kyerematen emphasised the importance of in driving economic growth and job creation, asserting that this initiative will unleash the potential of young Ghanaians.

In addition to financial support, Mr Kyerematen proposed a Compulsory Apprenticeship and Training programme for every Senior High School graduate. 

This programme aims to equip the youth with essential skills through at least six months of training before graduation, preparing them for the job market or entrepreneurship.

Addressing concerns, Kyerematen also pledged to offer free military, police, and security service training to graduates who choose to join Ghana's security reserves. 

This initiative aims not only to bolster national security capabilities but also to provide valuable career opportunities for young people interested in public service.

“By establishing community hospitals owned and run by the private sector and health workers, we're tackling health sector unemployment and providing quality care for every Ghanaian,” he posted.

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