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Akyode traditional leaders perform purification ritual to usher newly harvested yams

June 28, 2024

The Akyode traditional leaders have performed a purification ritual to usher in the newly harvested yams for consumption and sale in the traditional area. 

It is an annual observation and traditional rites performed by the Akyode traditional leaders.  

Nana Kyeame Akyode Ayimpo of Akyode Nkwanta in an interview said, the ritual aimed to cleanse and to usher in the newly harvested yam into the market and to ensure the safety and spiritual significance for the area. 

Nana Ayimpo said that the purification ritual was essential to appease their ancestors and the land for a successful year and guarantee a bumper harvest. 

“As tradition demands, every year, traditional leaders do the necessary purification to pave way for indigenes and settlers to be allowed to bring their (new yams) into the Nkwanta township and the market to sell. 

He also prays for peace, unity, and coexistence among all sectors within the Municipality for development to continue. 

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