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Agya Koo urges Ghanaians to make informed choice in December elections

Agya Koo urges Ghanaians to make inform decisions during December elections

Mr Kofi Adu, a renowned actor and musician, has urged Ghanaians to make inform decisions and choices in the December elections based on policies and programmes being espoused by the various presidential candidates.

He said Ghana needed practical policies and programmes that would help change its present situation and not empty promises that could not be implemented.

Mr Adu, who is known as ‘Agya Koo' in the movie industry, said looking at the vision and policies which were being espoused by Dr , the presidential candidate, he firmly believe that he, Dr Bawumia was the right person to lead Ghana at this stage of its development.

Addressing a press conference in , he pointed out that the leadership of Dr Bawumia had the potential to accelerate the country's development. He disputed claims by sections of Ghanaians that the current NPP government had not done anything and said the government had done a lot in terms of infrastructure development in every part of the country.

Agya Koo cited the establishment of the Creative Arts School at Kwadaso in Kumasi and said the project was one of the outstanding legacies that the government had left for the creative industry in the country.

“I am endorsing Dr Bawumia today just because his government has implemented good policies that will impact positively on generations, most especially in the movie industry.”

He said the NPP under the leadership of Dr Bawumia would be able to continue the transformation agenda and provide comprehensive development initiatives for the country. Agya Koo appealed to Ghanaians to vote for Dr Bawumia in the December elections to ensure the continuity of the free and other social intervention policies which were helping a lot of people in the country.

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