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Africa Continental Engineering and Construction Network summit highlights innovations and partnerships

December 18, 2023
Africa Continental Engineering and Construction Network summit highlights innovations and partnerships: Ghana News

The Africa Continental Engineering and Construction Network summit in showcased innovations and collaborations within the engineering, construction, and logistics sectors.

The theme, “Integrating the Sustainable Built Environment Industry for Socio-Economic Transformation Through the Use of Digital Twin Technologies,” underscored the focus on cutting-edge technologies.

students from Academy Senior High School were impressed with their Smart Urban Gardening Initiative, integrating advanced technology and sustainable practices for urban agriculture.

Professor Divine Ahadzie from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology emphasized the need for digital twin technologies in enhancing Ghana's preparedness and response.

He proposed a community flood resilience framework involving key stakeholders.

GM Bamboo Eco-City Limited signed an MoU with Kumasi Academy for a collaborative bamboo eco-tech industrial garden city project in the .

The project aims to develop 3,500 sustainable smart infrastructures with integrated smart gardening technologies.

Awards were presented to institutions and individuals excelling in technology and innovation. GM Bamboo Eco-City Limited received the Excellence in Technology and Innovation Award, with Siemens Ghana and PTY winning the Excellence in Digital Twin Technology.

Other awardees included Ghana Climate Innovation Centre, Bridge the Gap Initiative (), Africa Rising Communications, and individuals recognized for their contributions to climate finance mobilization, green building, flood risk management, and more.

Mr. Daniel Kontie, President and CEO of the Africa Continental Engineering and Construction Network, highlighted the importance of transitioning from traditional construction techniques to green building technologies in Africa.

Mrs. Carlien Bou-Chedid, the immediate past President of the Federation of African Engineering Organisations, emphasized the significance of digital twin technology in creating virtual replicas for real-time monitoring, analysis, and optimization.

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