Affordable Housing Project: High Court orders Osprey International Limited to account for land payment

An High Court has issued an order compelling Osprey International Limited to appear before the court and provide detailed accounts regarding the payment for 5,038 acres of land in Sege, Greater Accra Region.

The court stressed the urgency of the matter, stating that the managing director or an accredited representative of Osprey International must be present to answer questions related to the accounts. The court also directed Osprey International to submit the account to the court's registry by July 19, 2023.

“The managing director or his accredited representative must be in court to answer any questions on the accounts…, The fourth defendant is to consider this order urgently,” the court stated.

The land in question is part of the land acquired by the Ministry of for the construction of safe, affordable housing units.

Richard Dornu Nartey, representing the Lomotey We family, filed a lawsuit, alleging that Osprey International claimed compensation on behalf of the Lomobiawe Clan without the consent of the true landowners.

“The Lomotey We family ‘are exclusive owners' of the said land which did not belong to the entire Lomobiawe Clan as each lineage of the Lomobiawe Clan owns its exclusive family land in the area,” the plaintiff stated in the writ of summons.

In response, the defendants, including the , Ministry of Works and Housing, , , Osprey International Limited, and Lomobiawe Clan of Ada, presented their statements.

They argued that an agreement had been reached between the Ministry of Works and Housing and the Lomobiawe Clan, represented by Numo Kpankpa Kojo, the officially recognized head of the Lomotey We.

The Ministry of Finance released funds based on this agreement for payment to the landowners.

The court's order aims to ensure transparency and accountability in the payment process. The case will continue on July 21, 2023, as the court awaits the submission of the detailed accounts by Osprey International Limited.

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