Adisadel College student arrested after viral video shows choking incident

The Police in have arrested an Adisadel College student involved in a disturbing incident captured on a viral video, where one student was seen violently choking another in a dormitory.

The perpetrator was cautioned with causing harm and assault and released to the school's Headmaster to appear in court on Friday.

The authorities are responding swiftly to address the incident and hold the perpetrator accountable for his actions. Meanwhile, the victim, who was initially suspended, has been recalled to the school.

The school is providing him with medical treatment and has assigned a psychologist to offer support and counselling to help him cope with the trauma.

The video of the assault has sparked widespread concern and outrage among parents, students, and the public, raising questions about student safety in educational institutions.

In response to the incident, the school has taken decisive action, suspending all students involved, including the perpetrator, while further investigations take place.

The assault occurred on June 30, but both the perpetrator and the victim initially kept it hidden from the authorities.

The school's administration remains committed to ensuring a safe learning environment and taking firm action against any form of violence or misconduct.

Collaborating with relevant authorities, the school is working to provide support to the victim and ensure that the perpetrator faces appropriate legal consequences.

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