Adamawa state in Nigeria eases curfew after looting

's northeastern state of Adamawa on Monday relaxed a 24-hour curfew imposed a day earlier to bring calm to the main city after youths broke into shops to steal food and other goods.

Deputy state governor Kaleptapwa Farauta said the curfew would now run from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. (1700 GMT to 0500 GMT) until further review to allow citizens and businesses to go about their business.

“The security agencies will continue to maintain peace, still continue to maintain their checkpoints, and there will be a lot of patrols going on, not just in the state capital but also in our 21 local government areas,” she told .

Nigerians have complained about soaring prices after President scrapped a popular petrol subsidy and removed currency restrictions, causing the naira currency to plunge.

Adamawa is among the Nigerian states that have been hit by a long-running Islamist insurgency that has killed thousands and displaced millions.

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