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Adaklu Kodzobi commended for eradicating malaria in the community

June 25, 2024
Adaklu Kodzobi commended for eradicating malaria in the community

The chiefs and people of Adaklu Kodzobi in the Adaklu District of the have been commended for their efforts to eradicate malaria in the community and keeping the environment clean.

The community hosted a delegation of medical professionals from over 30 countries from Africa, Asia, Europe, Northern and Southern America, which gave a good account of itself in terms of cleanliness.

Professor Evelyn Korkor Ansah, the Director, Centre for Malaria Research, Institute of Health Research, (UHAS), gave the commendation when she led a team from the Centre of Malaria Research of UHAS to thank the community for hosting the delegation.

The medical professionals spent two weeks in Ghana to learn first-hand the treatment and management of malaria.

She said the visitors were impressed with the community's leadership and their concern for the people's health and well-being as well as the Community Health Planning Services concept.

“Your efforts made the visitors to carry your good name and Ghana to their various countries,” she said.

Dr Juliaman Jadi Ibrahim, a Lecturer of Bayen University, Kano in , had earlier told the that the Compound concept was not part of the health care delivery system of his country.

He said he wished his country's leaders would adopt the system to make healthcare delivery accessible and affordable to rural communities.

Dr. Alfred Kwesi Manyeh, a Lecturer at UHAS, said a team of lecturers from UHAS and other sister health took the team through malaria treatment, management and prevention.

Togbe Dzegblade IV, Chief of Adaklu Kodzobi, hoped the cordial relations between the University and the community would be maintained.

He suggested to the management to give a quota of its admission to qualified students from communities around the University.

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