Ada Traditional Council unveils Ada Queen Mothers Consortium

Ada Traditional Council unveils Ada Queen Mothers Consortium

The Traditional Council has unveiled the Ada Queen Mothers Consortium, an initiative aimed at empowering and uplifting the community.

The Consortium is dedicated to preserving cultural heritage, promoting sustainable development, and fostering socio-economic growth through the queens' esteemed leadership and wisdom.
Nene Agudey Obichere III, the Manklalo of Ada State, unveiled the consortium during the launch of this year's Asafotufiami, the annual traditional festival of the chiefs and people of Ada.

He said the Traditional Council recognised the significant role of Queen mothers in the development of the area, and that “the Council has approved the Queen Mothers' group to provide essential support to the chiefs in the discharge of their duties while they carry on with their mission.”

The Ada Queen Mothers Consortium is driven by a mission to serve as a beacon of cultural preservation, , and community empowerment by leveraging the influence and leadership of the Queen Mothers to create opportunities for education, health, and economic advancement while ensuring the preservation of the rich cultural heritage of Ada.

It also focuses on promoting development from a feminine perspective as a significant step towards empowering women in the Ada community and ensuring their voices are integral in the development process.

Earlier this year, the Council agreed to consolidate the Queen Mothers within the traditional area, forming a three-member committee to guide their activities with oversight by the Council, ensuring a collaborative and inclusive approach to the Queen Mothers' activities.

Operating as a sub-wing under the Ada Traditional Council, the consortium mandates all queen mothers in the Traditional Area to join to be officially recognised.

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